HTTP, XML, JSON and SMPP API options for quality Mobile Messaging.

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Benefit from our direct to operator model that improves overall messaging delivery rates. Built on the Cloud, get connected quickly with our HTTP API or choose from more option. Our API options are powered by our Award Winning Gateway.

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HTTP is the most common API type and enables fast messaging with fast set up times. The HTTP response can also contain either a JSON object or an XML string, depending on the URL you chose to submit your request with and can indicate the success or failure of the message.



XML Easy

Easy to connect and upload

XML enables clients the ability to upload large volumes of numbers in real-time.

View our XML API on:
Our Wiki

XML via our Platform:
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JSON Intermediate

Lightweight, text-based, easy read and write

JSON is a lightweight text-based open standard data-interchange format. Using JSON it enables flexibility for sending and delivery of mobile messaging.

View our JSON API on:
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JSON via our Platform:
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We have SMPP availability for clients that want to set up large volumes of messages. If you already use SMPP and you want to switch to us, it’s Easy. You can switch to us in minutes without the need to change your application. You only need to change your configuration to point to the txtNation SMPP server.


SMPP Bulk Advanced

High throughput, High volume messaging

SMPP Bulk refers to the method of sending your MT messages using our SMPP platform. Unlike HTTP, SMPP is heavy in platform resources, and by default, an account is HTTP. However, most of the SMS volume processed at txtNation is via SMPP and we would love to assist you to switch your traffic to us.

  • High volume messaging supported
  • Minimum volumes required
  • Multiple Connections possible
  • Instant Delivery Reports

High throughput


Instant response


Credit reporting

API Vs Platform

Choosing to use our Platform or our API depends on your requirements and technical ability.

Our Award Winning platform is built to enable instant mobile messaging via a series of on-screen prompts that include uploading or importing a batch of numbers. You can choose to set up multiple messaging lists and also choose to run separate HLR queries on your mobile numbers.


Platform API
Bulk SMS yes yes
HLR Lookup yes yes
Push Notifications no yes
USSD Messaging no yes

Two-Way Campaigns

Platform API
SMS Marketing yes yes
MMS Marketing yes yes
IVR (Voice) no yes
WAP no yes

About Our Platform

Our API’s are available to those that want real-time communication and the ability to send messages at any given point in time, via server to server communication. Our API options are extensive, enabling developers to jump straight in and connect.

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