Bulk SMS for Business

Opportunities for Bulk SMS in Business.

By using Bulk SMS, you can drive your business forward with new sales and new opportunities. We firmly believe that mobile marketing is transforming business communications.

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Using Bulk SMS to grow your Business

It’s important to understand how messaging can outperform other marketing channels and how Bulk SMS can be used as value add to any organisation.

Get the Most from your SMS Marketing Campaigns

Communicating via mobile can help you build long-term relationships with your customers, helping to drive repeat business and increase customer loyalty.

  • Updates and alerts -Send a text with information such as an appointment reminder or let someone know when a product is ready for collection. Your customers will receive the information in seconds, wherever they are.
  • Online sales - Send a text to confirm orders, payments and deliveries.
  • News and events - Generate interest in special events or use ‘last chance’ messages to make sure final places are filled.
  • Satisfaction surveys - Whatever your nature of business, a follow up text to gather customer feedback will help you gather vital intelligence about your customers experience and how they view your business.

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Bulk SMS for Business