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Take a closer look at all our Bulk SMS Software and Messaging Features.

Our Award Winning platform is built from over 10 years in the industry. The messaging platform packs in many features and API options for those that are more technical and want to connect as a Gateway.

High Throughput Bulk SMS

High Throughput

Built on the Cloud, the fastest messaging throughput in the industry. Bulk SMS Messaging in seconds.

Bulk SMS Software

Online Platform

An Online Platform like nothing experienced before. Set up your mobile Marketing campaigns, online, easily.


24.7 Support

True 24.7 Support. Full technical support from our Support Agents and Account Managers on hand to advise.

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Client Friendly Administration

We are now also able to promote our main features to our large customer base, which is a very fast moving market. We use the mFUSION solution from txtNation for our SMS alerts and advertising.

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Mobile Marketing


Bulk SMS

  1. Online Platform
  2. Upload Mobile Numbers
  3. Export Results
  4. API Options:
    • HTTP
    • XML
    • JSON
    • SMPP
  5. Unicode Support
  6. Bulk SMS Queing
  7. Real-time Stats


  1. Online Platform
  2. High Capacity
  3. Cheap per Lookup
  4. Worldwide HLR
  5. API Options:
    • HTTP
  6. Real-Time Reports
  7. Easy to setup

Push Messaging

  1. API Options:
    • HTTP
  2. Instant Messaging
  3. Real-Time
  4. Session Based
  5. Online upload
  6. Export results
  7. Cost effective

Bulk SMS

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