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Get the most out of mobile messaging with an HLR Lookup. Ideal for ensuring you run a strong SMS marketing campaigns. You can run HLR Lookup services online, quickly and easily. Simply upload your mobile numbers via our platform or connect via an API and you are ready to go.

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Also known as a mobile number lookup, Number Portability lookup or MSISDN lookup, an HLR (Home Location Register) lookup can give you information about the location and network of the mobile subscriber.

When put together with a bulk SMS mobile marketing campaign, this is a highly useful tool which can help you make the most of your SMS data.

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HLR Lookup Pricing


All HLR pricing for United Kingdom

Our HLR Lookup pricing is the best in the industry. The price to run a HLR query may be based on the mobile operator to which the lookup is being run.

Real Time Lookup (RTLU)

HLR pricing: 0.01 Euro.

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VLR Service

VLR pricing: 0.012 Euro.

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Looking for Enterprise pricing?

Get access to RTLU, Visitor Location Register options and wholesale HLR pricing. Contact us.

HLR Lookup Coverage

Our Mobile Number Portability checking option works globally in over 200 countries.

HLR Lookup options

We provide two types of HLR Lookup services:

Number Portability Lookup (NPLU)

Provides MNC and MCC Codes with full validation and response codes.

Number Portability Lookup works for 90% of clients.

With mFUSION you can also perform HLR that provides you with more exact and precise information.

Real-Time Lookup (RTLU)

For clients that needs advanced validation.

RTLU provides MNC, MCC and also the IMSI and MSC, with full validation and response codes. IMSI Lookup.

New! Visitor Location Register Lookup (VLR)

Using the Visitor Location Register (VLR) function when performing lookup’s can be very useful for certain services within HLR. VLR is a database that handles information regarding the mobile customers roaming within a mobile switching center’s (MSC) area.

VLR Lookup can enable clients to check the mobile subscriber’s location (within the VLR’s area), allocate ‘roaming’ numbers during incoming calls and accept information to it passed through by the HLR.


Lookup ‘any’ Mobile Number

Real-Time Lookup New

Perform Real Time (RTLU) Lookup requests on all your mobile numbers when using Bulk SMS. RTLU gives you advanced reports messages on status on the mobile phone.

High Capacity

Our number lookup service delivers high throughput with high reliability and capacity.

Reduction of failed Bulk SMS

HLR Lookup makes sure that your mobile numbers are valid and in service. This means when performing Bulk SMS, your messages land.

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HLR Lookup