Push Messaging

Instant notifications for Mobile Apps.

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Push Messaging is a popular alternative to SMS – for use primarily within mobile apps. Connect to Push Messaging via one of our Push API options to build ongoing interactions with your customers.

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With push messaging, you can communicate with your mobile app users with simple alerts or rich-content messages. This is a great mobile marketing tool, mainly for in-app. You can increase repeat app use and loyalty with this form of mobile messaging.

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Push Messaging Pricing


Push Messaging pricing for United Kingdom

The tables below contain all Push Message pricing for the country. The price to send a Push Notification is a flat rate across the mobile operators in each country. No monthly fee! Pay only for Push Notifications sent.

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Push Notifications

Push Notifications pricing: 0.075 Euro.

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Push Rich Messages

Rich Notifications pricing: 0.085 Euro.

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Push Messaging Coverage

Push Messaging works worldwide. It provides a valuable option of targeted, real-time, on demand messaging in-app (mobile apps).

Push Messaging Options

Push Messaging enables you to send message alerts, in-app to your customers across the world. Push messages are instant and cost effective, helping to build brand awareness and loyalty, creating rich new revenue opportunities.

Why Push?

Push Messaging typical uses:

• Can be used for direct marketing campaigns.
• Can send reminders and notifications.
• Can be used for productivity updates.

Beyond Messaging

Your Audience

Send alert based messages tailored to your mobile application and audience.

Instant and Secure

Push is is secure and always on. It is also faster than SMS, no delays – instant.


Push messaging works on most Smartphones. The one’s that support apps.

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Push Messaging