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USSD Messaging allows a real time session between mobile and the application. This is perfect for cost-effective customer service and mobile marketing. Enable USSD Notifications and Menu options via our USSD API.

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USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) allows you to communicate quickly and cheaply direct to your customers’ mobile phones. Unlike SMS, these mobile messages are not stored on their handset, meaning this is a secure tool for transferring information.

USSD notifications are ideal for mobile marketing where a short, time-sensitive message is needed. USSD menus work well when a two-way interaction is needed. With menus, you can offer services like account management and surveys.

This a highly powerful mobile marketing service and with over 99% of all handsets across the world able to access USSD, it is extremely accessible.

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USSD Messaging Pricing


USSD Messaging pricing for United Kingdom

The tables below contain all USSD Message pricing for the country. The price to send a USSD Message is a flat rate across the mobile operators in each country.

USSD Notifications (nSMS)

USSD Notifications pricing 0.075 Euro.

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USSD Menu (Session)

USSD Menu pricing: 0.085 Euro.

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USSD Messaging Coverage

USSD Messaging works worldwide. It provides a valuable option of targeted, real-time, on demand messaging in-app (mobile apps).

USSD Messaging Options

USSD information is sent from mobile device directly to application platform that handles the service. USSD allows to establish a real time session between mobile and the application.


Features of Our Gateway:

• High throughput USSD processing
• Easy development of USSD applications
• Session Context Management
• SMSC SMPP Interworking included by SMPP
• Optional Interworking with the Prepaid Platform
• Ability to interwork with all other network nodes
• Complete billing and statistics
• Web Management interface
• Advanced USSD API Toolbox

Beyond Messaging

Your Audience

Send alert based messages tailored to your mobile application and audience.

Instant and Secure

Push is is secure and always on. It is also faster than SMS, no delays – instant.


Push messaging works on most Smartphones. The one’s that support apps.

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