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SMS Marketing

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Our Approach

1. Create an Account

Get Started by Registering an account.

It takes just a few minutes to Register an Account with txtNation to enable you to login and send SMS messages via our Online Platform.

2. Add your Campaigns

Setup your Mobile Campaigns.

Choose which type of Mobile Marketing service you wish to set-up and load your content. It takes just a few minutes via our Online Platform.

3. Deliver your Campaign

Go live, deliver your Mobile Marketing Campaign.

Once you have fine tuned what you want to send, simply click send and your messages will be delivered to mobiles instantly.

4. Reporting

See Real Time reports.

Check the success of your campaign, by logging in and checking the results, including viability on how many messages have been delivered.

Or  connect to our API

* API Connectivity

Beyond the on line interface.

Our platform allows you to choose to connect to one of our API options, via our Gateway for the sending and delivery of SMS Messages. We have an API for all types of Mobile Messaging. Everything from HLR Lookup to our Bulk SMS API through to advanced USSD Messaging – all available via our Wiki.

And  enable two-way

* Campaigns

Create two-way interactive marketing campaigns.

Our Control Panel enables you to set up true, two-way response based mobile marketing campaigns. Across SMS Advertising, MMS and IVR enjoy the possibilities mFUSION provides businesses around the world, delivering cutting edge mobile marketing campaigns to your target audience.

Mobile Marketing