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Powerful and precise Bulk SMS Marketing options.

Our mFUSION, ‘B2B Mobile Marketing’ solution, customer Control Panel (CP) has been expertly designed to empower businesses to deploy Mobile SMS Marketing services to their customers.

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Why SMS Marketing?

The Award-Winning Mobile Campaign Management Console i.e. the Control Panel from txtNation is a sophisticated but easy-to-use web-based tool for keeping track of your users and generating extra revenue from your Mobile SMS Marketing services.

mFUSION is a white-label mobile marketing campaign solution that has been carefully designed to strengthen your relationship to your mobile customers via our sophisticated B2B Mobile Marketing solution.

Get the Most from your SMS Marketing Campaigns

You can filter customers by various criteria and send out promotional B2B Mobile Marketing SMS Marketing messages or informational text messages in just a few clicks.

  • Administrators and webmasters can view country and carrier stats in real time
  • Offer multiple campaigns and services
  • Approve before activation (opt-in)
  • Optional re-billing subscriptions
  • Full history of all active, declined and cancelled users
  • Flexible pricing and payout for each site
  • Sophisticated campaign tracking
  • Activate and deactivate select pricing options
  • 100% web-based administration
  • URL code generation for affiliates
  • Track traffic and sign-ups


The complete Mobile Marketing and SMS Advertising solution… Out of the box!

At any time you can monitor online your detailed statistics, additionally you can add, remove or align any of your campaigns 24/7, without having to call a 24-hour support line!

Every business strives to retain customers. mFUSION, using it’s sophisticated and scalable SMS Marketing services and technology, allows you to do this from your very first campaign!

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SMS Marketing