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Alerts and Subscriptions

mFUSION delivers sophisticated solutions for your organisation through SMS Alerts and Subscriptions.

With SMS Alerts and Subscriptions, your company or organisation can keep clients or members informed of the latest breaking news, offers, events and promotions. Alerts and Subscriptions is a flexible and profitable solution that you can access and change any time, anywhere, using our web-based content management system. Read more.


mFUSION puts the power and complexity of our SMS Gateway in your hands, making it quick and easy to charge your members for the text messages they are sent during your campaign. mFUSION enables you to set up and fully customise a campaign to send text messages at whatever frequency and price-per-message has been agreed between you and your members. Read more.


SMS Shouts is an amazing technology that allows you to effectively broadcast texts to screen: any Internet-enabled display, such as a big screen in a night club or other venue, can broadcast incoming text messages: greetings, comments, jokes, music requests, and more can be sent and displayed. Read more.


Imagine the convenience of sending an email wherever you are, without having to carry around your bulky laptop and without scrambling around for a wireless Internet connection. using the mFUSION platform setting up your SMS-to-Email service has never been easier, you or your users can send long messages via a mobile phone to any email address in the world. Read more.

Tickets and Coupons

mFUSION offers a secure and robust way to allow people to pay for goods and services using text messaging (SMS Payments). Imagine a service in which consumers can buy into your brand within the time it takes to send a text. Read more.


Voting by mobile is used by broadcasters to make their programmes interactive and to generate revenue. With mFUSION’s SMS Voting service, you can poll your own viewers or users. Read more.

Voice Short Codes

mFUSION allows delivery of sophisticated solutions for your organisation through SMS Voice Short CodesRead more.

Competitions and Quizzes

mFUSION incorporates text marketing software which enables you to have the same level of service enjoyed by our current clients like Schwartz, one of the world’s leading brands. We enabled Schwartz to run a text-to-win competition that brought in over 400,000 entrants using our SMS Competitions and Quizzes service. Read more.

Data Lists

SMS Datalists is a popular component of mFUSION. It is a SMS marketing service that provides targeted information about diverse consumers all over the world. Read more.

LBS (Location Based)

Location-based services (LBS) take advantage of the technology inside certain mobile phones. Either using a GPS chip on the phone itself, or through using mobile masts to discover the rough location of the phone and its owner, services can be pushed to the phone which are relevant to the location. Read more.


The complexities of setting up an SMS Chat service are taken out of the equation with our mFUSION platform. Your chat service, through txtNation’s sophisticated solutions, can become a rich source of revenue for your business. Read more.

Random Response

mFUSION’s Random Response is a straightforward and potentially lucrative service. Users simply text a premium-rate number to join a competition in which they get sent back a ‘lucky dip’ code that could win them a prize. Read more.

Reverse Auction

An SMS Reverse Auction works by giving goods and services for the lowest unique bid. With mFUSION’s text-based reverse auction technology, you can have your own auction up and running within a few hours. Read more.