Why SMS?

How SMS Advertising can benefit your business.

mFUSION allows for the set up and delivery of both simple and complex SMS Advertising services.

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Why use SMS?

You can set up a text-to-win competition all on-line via our Control Panel and have the ability to track response rates and measure your campaign success, all from the comfort of your browser.

To stay ahead of the competition its all about Mobile Marketing and brand awareness. With mFUSION, you can ensure your mobile message is sent ‘directly’ to your target market.

• 265 million text messages sent each day
• 96.8 billion text messages were sent in 2009
• 97% of text messages are opened (83% of which are within one hour), but typically within 4 minutes
• Average click-through-rate for display advertising online is 0.11%
• Average response rate to direct mail is 2.6%
• Average response rate to SMS campaigns are 28%
• 90.4% of British mobile subscribers use their phones to send text messages
• 80% of mobile users are open to receiving opted-in SMS campaigns

(Source: Mobile Data Association, Double Click, Direct Marketing Association & AOP)

SMS Marketing made easy

mFUSION is a platform that allows for advertisers all over the world to track and measure ROI on their advertising simply and effectively, as we provide a full analysis and breakdown of statistics, from text message open rates, click though’s and much more.

Further features to any form of SMS Advertising can be added including call response rates.

Advertising agencies, media companies and brands come back to us time and time again to deliver effective SMS marketing campaigns.

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